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Expansion Joints Surveys

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When was the last time you had your expansion joints inspected?

Expansion joints do not last forever.  The average life for a composite expansion joint is around six years, rubber joints around eight years, and metal is based on cycle life which varies.

Expansion joints are crucial to keeping your processes working properly.  Unexpected failures can be very expensive and time sensitive.

Survey and inspection of your joints by a qualified specialist should be performed yearly as part of a preventative maintenance program.  

Contact us to schedule a yearly survey to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed written report which explains areas which are at risk of failure due to expansion joint issues. Don't wait until you have a failure.  

Our services include:

  • Complete plant survey with comprehensive report.
  • Expansion joint inspection.
  • Installation supervision.
  • Field splice and repair service.
  • Training.
  • Product recommendation and support.